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My dream is to open a cooking school.

Its a big dream I know but I will do anything to make it happen.


For now I do cooking class in my house, small groups.I always Have so much fun. I really like it

I m pretty sure that 2014 is my year.


Another dream that I have is to write a recipe book and my life book.

The recipe book has already a cover and I m choosing the recipe, takes time.


My life book is in my head still I should start to put something in a piece of paper maybe who knows .

My life was crazy from the day I was born.

I m very happy now with my 2 kids husband, friend and family.I love Vancouver and I m very glad my kids will grow in such a wonderful city


Ok blog I m going to bed now

See u tomorrow baciotto



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  1. I hope you make these dreams your reality in 2014 Marzia! Let me know when you open your cooking school….I would love to visit!

    1. bellacibo72 says:

      Thank you very much for the kind of word a presto.
      Do you go to italy often?

      1. Yes, once a year. I gather information to write about on my website about Italy…such a beautiful and endlessly fascinating country!

      2. bellacibo72 says:

        Yes its a beautiful Country I miss it

      3. But you always carry it around in your heart….and i know you will be back:)

  2. bellacibo72 says:

    Oh yes my goal is to go there in the summer it been 3 years now ..can’t wait to go there and see my family

  3. What a fantastic dream! Can’t wait to read all about it as it develops on your blog

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