Creamy potatoes and Squash soup

We are soup lover so I look always for new recipe and when I found this one I was very happy because my kids LOVE squash so I tried right away and it was a hit because they ask for more.
Its very easy and fast
So lets get ready:

Ingridients :

1 squash cut it in small pieces
2 potatoes cut in small pieces
1 garlic
2 tablespoon oil
1 litre of vegetable broth
Salt and pepper to taste
A sprinkle of love
A bunch of mixed herb tie togheter with a string I used parsley,sage and rosmarin


Bring a big pot put your oil and garlic
Let it stir fry for a bit,take your garlic out and pour the squash and the potatoes.
Stir fry for few minutes with the wooden spoon.
After that your can pour your broth and the herbs

Put the lid on the pot and let it cook it for 30 minutes until the vegetable are very soft

After that you can mix everything in the blender,my suggestion is to mix just the vegetable and leave the broth in a side you can add it after.
When everything is blended add 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon if you like,parmiggiano cheese and some oil EVO

We liked it very creamy so I did not add too much broth,I will use the broth tomorrow for a nice risotto

I really hope you enjoy it



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  1. That looks wonderful! I just made Soupe à l’oignon, and am looking for other soup ideas to combat the unseasonably cold weather. I suppose it’s the winter equivalent of making lemonade. 🙂

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