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Quinoa and Smoked Salmon Burger

Quinoa is one of the most super food and  it has some powerful health benefit. 

It’s high in protein and also very importantly it is gluten free. With all these benefits I try to cook quinoa once a week for my family.

Since last year  I follow an amazing blog  https://www.facebook.com/ApinchofItaly and I alway found amazing recipe like this one,you will be impress check it out

Ingredients for 6 patties:

1 and 1/2 cup red quinoa (I think you can use any kind)

2 cup of water

a package of smoked salmon (mine was 275 grams)

2 egg

3 tablespoon breadcrumbs

salt and pepper


seeds oil

salt and pepper just a pinch

a sprinkle of love



Pour the quinoa in a saucepan with the water and let it cook for 20 minutes (just double check the instruction on the quinoa box).

When the quinoa is cooked, drain it and leave it on a side to cool down.

After that put the quinoa in a bowl add the parsley, eggs and chopped salmon Imageand the salt and pepper

Mix very well with your hands until the egg is absorbed.

Now is time to add the breadcrumbs to the mixture so it will come nice and compact.

Bring a frying pan and put 3 tablespoons of oil and turn the heat on medium in the meantime make your pattie, gently press them down.

Your patties are now ready to cook so you will put them in the frying pan and let them cook for 4-5 minutes per side.

It’s very important that the oil is not too hot otherwise the inside of your patties won’t cook very well.

If you want a Gluten free version just use some rice flour or cornbread mix.

Serve your patties with a nice bun.



Avocado cherry tomatoes and tuna salad

I have a lot of Mexican friends and they always talked about avocado that I never tried in my life because growing up in   Italy I never had the opportunityImage

So one day I bought the avocado and made this lovely salad that right now became our favorite 



1 avocado

1 can of light tuna

10 cherry tomatoes or 2 tomatoes cut in dice 

half lemon

oil EVO 


a sprinkle of love 



Clean your lovely avocado and cut it in dices,cut the cherry tomato in half,take off the oil from your tuna can and put everything in a bowl.

Mix well and add the juice from the half lemon and put the salad in the fridge for half an hour before you serve it.

when is time to serve it put some salt and a teaspoon of oil EVO

Its very easy I hope you enjoy it