Monthly Archives: April 2018

Thank You


Hello friends,

I want to thank you all for the support in the last few years!Thank you for support my classes and inspiring me every time to do more!I wouldn’t be here without your support and encouragement!

A few years ago,  when I began this new cooking adventure, I had no idea what I would have been able to achieve!

Lots of god things happened like The Master Chef Canada Audition, Nomination for Entrepreneur of the Year with the Langley Chamber and lately a nice , good article on the local newspaper LANGLEY ADVANCE  and most important I got the opportunity, somehow, to know you! And maybe I was able to inspire you to cook real, good food for your family!

My project from now on is to inspire more people to cook! I would love to have a bigger kitchen but I think people like my house because is cozy and there is so much Italy!

I will try to post more classes for the next few months and I want to share a weekly recipe with you! I also would love to do more cooking video but that take a lot of time and money, maybe one day! It will be fun!

Thank you again for the support and if you have any suggestion and tips  just message me I would love to hear it!

Also thank you to all the people that did  send me picture of their homemade food that they learned with me, those pictures fill up my heart all the time! Below the article from the Langley Advance