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Bella Cibo’s Story

Hello friends, welcome to my website, I just want to give you a personal info about me and why Im passionate about cooking and Italian Culture and Italian Cuisine.
Ciao I’ m Mamma Marzia, an authentic Italian Mamma! I was born in Naples but I grew up in North Italy in a beautiful Valley called Valtellina!
I’m happily married with the love of my life and I have 2 children and we live in Langley.
I moved here 15 years ago to follow the love of my life.
Growing up in Italy gave me the opportunity to learn about Italian Cuisine, Italian Tradition and Italian Culture! I’m a truly believer that in the kitchen you build the best memories! Italian Food Culture and Tradition are simply amazing and my goal is to share them here in Canada with the Canadian Family!

Six years ago I decided to say yes to one of my dear friend that wanted to learn how to make an authentic Italian lasagna! She got few friends together, they came over and we made lasagna from scratch with love and lots of fun! It was one of the best night of my life! 
That night I decided to teach and share my authentic Italian cooking knowledge with my friends! After that night I also had to learn few new words: marketing, branding and Social Media! 
I was a stay at home mom with 2 small children and I had no idea where to start! It was difficult especially because of the language but I made it! 
I created a Facebook Page by myself, Instagram and I started to research on Google “ how to advertise yourself”! 
One word got my attention right away #authentic, so I decided to be how really Im and I thought that at the end I had not to loose, people like Authentic right? 
My authenticity is the key of my success and makes people comfortable! This for me is very important because if they feel comfortable they don’t feel intimidated so they are able to create the dish for the family = building memories and Tradition! 
I have been managing my Social Media and everything else all by myself in the last 6 years ( kind of tired).

I now teach Italian Cuisine from my little kitchen here in Langley, I Like to believe that I m on a mission to bring a little bit of Italy on the Canadian tables! 
The people that come to my class are not just people that come, pay, learn and go! They all become part of my family, they all stay in my heart! 
I like to build memories with them, with the food that we cook together, creating an emotion and the imperfections in my kitchen!

My cooking classes are a little bit like a show and they are lots of fun, this is why I think people remember me and this is why, I think, they are able to create the dish that we made together!
The best compliment is when people say “ thank you for the wonderful food and great experience”.
Yes, we need more real experience, we need more connections with real food and with people!
Come to my classes for an Authentic Italian Experience.

In the last few years My cooking classes got few satisfaction:
-March 2018 article on Langley Advance.
-October 2018 I won an award with the Langley Chamber of Commerce.
-Last week the Marco Polo newspaper in Vancouver wrote an article about my classes.
And more to come for 2019!
My dreams are:
-Write a cook book
-Bring some of my friends to Italy for an unforgettable Food tour.
-Inspire more people including the New Generation
-Bigger kitchen 
-a nice Cooking Show 
-Eat whatever I want without gaining weight.
My favourite food are:
Last thing Im proud of my self and so thankful for the people that gave me the trust and the love!
We need more love.

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