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Im Marzia, a Real Authentic Italian mom that lives in Vancouver. I moved from Italy to Vancouver 14 years ago to follow the real love of my life. It was difficult in the beginning, but I survived. Vancouver is a wonderful city, full of opportunity but unfortunately there is not food culture. Fast Food and pre-made food are staples in most of the family and that is SAD. Few Years ago I said yes to a group of Canadian friends that wanted to learn how to make a real Authentic lasagna from an AUTHENTIC ITALIAN MAMMA. I had so much fun teaching them what my mom, nonna and my aunt taught me in all the years that I lived in Italy. That Night I figure out how GREAT and AMAZING is Italian Culture. That night I got really inspired and I decided that maybe, in my small world, I could help some people to get inspired to cook real, healthy food. It has been great so far, so many people came to my classes and so many people now are making the food that I did teach them, the food that my mom, nonna and my aunt taught me. This is what truly FILL MY HEART. Thank you for reading and come to my kitchen to get inspired.

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