What an experience this was! Marzia is such an amazing lady with a heart of gold. She welcomes you into her home as if you are her long lost friends…and she provides you an evening of fun as well as knowledge in the kitchen.

This was a priceless experience, I went with a group of friends who were foodies, but I think this would be entertaining for those who aren’t either…you “take away” what you want to from this experience – whatever that may be. I looked at it as bonding with my ladies who love food as well as introducing my foodie friends to each other as well as meeting Marzia as she is so lovely.

The gnocchi was delicious and learning to do the sauces at the class was one thing but to discuss what we were going to do with these new skills and how we were going to expand our gnocchi making and run our ideas by Marzia was fun, especially when she gave her stamp of approval.

I would definitely recommend taking a class with her, we’ve done ONE and we WILL do another! Amanda Dyal 


Marzia’s class was a fun experience. It was a pleasure to make a wholesome meal and then take it home to share with my family.  It’s a great way to spend some time with your girlfriends or a chance to meet new friends.”


Not only was Marzias class very informative, we got to taste amazing food, and drink wine with our friends. It made for a great evening out! Her hospitality was fantastic. Even more so, I LOVED everything she taught about making authentic italian food! She toped the night off with a fantastic take home bag of wine cookies, which were super delicious!

Thanks, Allison


We have so much fun making Gnocchi with Marzia.  She had everything ready for us and she has obviously been cooking a long time, because she makes it look so easy !
We can’t wait to come back and learn some more great recipes. Thanks again Marzia and keep me posted on upcoming classes !  Joanne Bonetti


Marzia puts her heart and soul in her cooking classes. She is very passionate about what she does and makes her cooking classes so much fun! Everything is freshly made and she only uses the finest ingredients. I am looking forward to my next cooking class with Marzia. A lovely lady inside and out! Tina


I bought my mom a gift certificate for a Bella Cibo cooking class as a birthday gift and we did the class together. It was such a fun and relaxed environment. Marzia really knew her stuff, she is passionate about food and an excellent chef, but she also made it accessible and fun for us less experienced. Class was hands-on and fun, and being able to share the experience with my mom made it even better. I look forward to trying out some of the recipes at home. Highly recommend for anyone who likes to cook or eat.Jenn


Thank you Marzia:

Your Lasagna was truly delicious. You can tell it was made with love.  Michael said he could eat an entire one to himself.


We had an awesome time making lasagna with you today. The lasagna made from scratch was so DELICIOUS!!!! I loved it. You are a great chef with a warm and fun personality. It was a pleasure to meet you.


thanks for a faboulous evening my darling I really enjoyed it…Delicious food,good wine  and great company xoxo Julie the princess


Here’s a review from Bettina Reid    http://Rw.bettinareidgroup.ca/Blog.php/cooking-class-at-bella-cibo-tips-from-your-local-langley-real-estate-specialists


From Brenda Cowie : Thank you SO MUCH for hosting the cooking session at my son’s birthday party! 9 children all fully engaged and enjoying themselves. Fantastic.

Thanks Marzia, our Guides had a fabulous time learning to make and eating gnocchi tonight! Kim Stewart



Marzia was a lovely teacher! I loved learning how to make both tagliatelle and spinach with ricotta ravioli. This is the real deal! She is authentic, warm and talented. You have to take a class. I am so glad I did. Thank you Marzia!!! Iva Bulic-Petrinjak


Marzia is an absolute sweetheart. We had fun learning how to make gnocchi. It tasted delicious just like our Nonnas! I’m delighted we now have a recipe to follow so I can make these for our family. Nicole ZieglerIMG_1294

Marzia is so easygoing and fun during her class! We didn’t feel intimidated at all and had so much fun! We are already planning another one! Marnie Huard






  1. Catherine says:

    My kids love Gnocchi that they made in Marzia’s class. And they even made some after they fame from the class. And Marzia is very kind lady. She always give me answers when I ask her questions.

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